Mr Cenz

Episode 7,  Sep 26, 02:52 PM

The Reem Gallery podcast presents a conversation with @mrcenzone a street artist who has been embedded in South East London graffiti culture for 30 years, first getting involved aged 8. His parents were encouraging of his passion for painting, even when that passion landed him in police stations repeatedly throughout his youth. It’s been said that the late 1980’s was the peak in the tagging epidemic that faced British public transport, and today’s artist was front and centre, getting involved with his friends in what was known as ‘bus bombing’. He’s community-minded at his core and many murals have been part of wider community projects, like one in Winnipeg, Canada. His engagement with young people and his passion for the power of art to transform lives, which led him to set up the first graffiti workshop in London, continues to this day.

Find us on Instagram @reemfineart,  Mr Cenz is @mrcenzone. Hosted by Phoebe Minson: @phoebe_reemgallery.