Season 7, Episode 6,  Oct 01, 06:00 AM

We have a brand new show on Secrets & Spies! Welcome to episode one of Espresso Martini.

Once a month, Chris Carr & Matt Fulton will pick out stories that catch their eye about espionage, terrorism, geopolitics and pretty much anything that relates to the themes of the podcast.

In episode one, we look at the legacy of Queen Elizabeth II, who died at the beginning of September. According to "C", the head of MI6, Britain's foreign intelligence service, Queen Elizabeth was the longest serving reader of intelligence briefs. 

We then look at a Russian Spy in Italy who tried to get close to service NATO members. We also take a look at Russia's latest citizen, Edward Snowden, who was a former employee of the CIA & NSA.

Other topics discussed in the podcast are the nuclear threat from Vladimir Putin's war on Ukraine, Luxury Nuclear bunkers and the world's most famous spy, James Bond, celebrating 60 years on screen.

Topics and links to articles discussed:

Her Majesty's Secret Service becomes His Majesty’s Secret Service. Her Majesty the Queen dies after a 75-year reign.

Russian Spy at NATO: Socialite, Widow, Jeweller, Spy: How a GRU Agent Charmed Her Way Into NATO Circles in Italy

Snowden becomes a Russian citizen.

Ronald Pelton, a convicted spy for the Soviets, dies aged 80

The CIA turns 75! As part of the CIA’s 75 birthday celebrations, they opened up its refurbished museum to journalists:

Writing tips about uncertainty from a former CIA officer who worked on the Presidential Daily Brief

The growing nuclear threat posed by Putin

Apocalypse hacking; Luxury nuclear bunkers for rich people

James Bond 60th

The Walk In
In the UK on ITV, a new 5 part terrorist drama based on a true story called “The Walk In.”

Jack Ryan returns in December

The Old Man on Disney plus in the UK

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