Jed Shepherd

Season 4, Episode 4,   Oct 04, 2022, 06:00 AM

The nights are getting a little bit darker so it seems only fitting to start talking all things that go bump in the night so who better to do that than a modern master of Horror so joining Andy this week on Be Grand is writer, producer and director Jed Shepherd. 

Jed was the producer and writer of the found footage surprise smash hit of lockdown “Host” as well as this year’s insanely good fun “Dashcam”. Jed chats to Andy (and puts up with Andy’s fan boy-ing) about how this ghostly Zoom tale came to be and how it felt to have taken the horror world by force. 

Jed also chats about how his culture and school days played an important role in instilling a love of horror as if he wasn’t being told stories of creatures by his mother he would most likely be found reading ghost stories in the school library. 

Also Jed talks about his ambitious and important plans in other to change the very business of horror in England in the hope of more a accessible entry point to aspiring young horror film makers. 

All this plus…the dreaded Tape Test returns…