Fitness, Battling Cancer And Brand New Perspectives With Fitz Koehler

Season 2, Episode 9,   Oct 05, 2022, 11:00 PM

Fitz Koehler is a fitness innovator with a Master’s Degree in Exercise and Sport Sciences from the University of Florida, who has been teaching fitness around the globe for decades. Fitz is a professional road race announcer and can be found promoting the importance of fitness in mass media; books, television, films, radio, magazines, journals and online.

Fitz has also endured a 16 month battle with breast cancer whilst zig zagging across America with her fitness mission over 22 major race weekends. Fitz tackled cancer head on and her story is an inspirational one as she encompasses the terror of diagnosis, bald heads, and black dresses, spectacular stages, parenting with cancer, perspective and, most importantly, triumph.

Fitz is one inspiration and in this episode we dive into pain, the challenge and the hope all with one Disney ray of sunshine that is Fitz Koehler.

If this is the day that you are looking for inspiration then quite simply, hit play…

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