Annecy Shootings, The Assassination of Oakey & The Madeleine McCann Kidnapper

Episode 37,  Oct 09, 2022, 03:00 AM

The French Alps shootings- random killing or was family targeted? Was a Colorado Murder committed by a man linked to Turkish Hezbollah? Joran Vander Sloot was stabbed in prison and German police are tracking a suspect of Madeleine McCann.

3 Members of a family & a French cyclist were brutally gunned down in the Alps. Two daughters survived and one has memories that may lead to new suspects in the case. Oakey Kite advertised for a roommate in Colorado- the man who answered the ad was not who he said he was...his baby would be found tortured with strong ties to Eastern Europe. Joran Van Der Sloot, Natalie Holloway's "alleged" killer, was stabbed in a Peruvian prison. Lastly, German police think they are close to arresting the kidnapper of Madeleine McCann.

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