Encore. Danish Royal Family- 2 Sister-in-law Princesses at War

Oct 11, 2022, 07:00 PM

The drama of men's uniforms at Prince Philip's funeral, the Red Bull heir who is on the run after killing a cop, the SaltLife Co-Founder who killed his girlfriend in a seedy motel room, are UFOs real, the Sackler family suicide cover up and Ghislaine Maxwell's tactics to recruit young women.

Recently, the royal family of Denmark made headlines over Queen Margarethe stripping the HRH titles from her four youngest grandchildren. This debate has revealed a family rift within the family and now some are questioning whether their image was tarnished. There has been previous speculation on this show concerning the two wives of the brothers; one is to be King and the other has been seemingly banished to Paris. 

Previously Posted May 2021:

Carrie opens the show this week digging into the headlines; Salt Life Co-founder accidentally killed his girlfriend, the Red Bull heir dragged a cop in a car crash, hostility between the two Danish princesses and how did the Queen handle the men in her family who wanted to wear uniforms to her husband's funeral. (Carrie talks a lot in the first part of the episode & curses a few times- not cool on either).
Larissa talks about the scandal involving the AT&T commercial girl and finishing up the generational dysfunction that is Ghislaine Maxwell.

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