Weekly Wrap | Things to keep an eye on in the NBA and the EFL's plans to end the Saturday 3pm blackout

Oct 20, 2022, 05:00 AM

SportsPro's George Breare and Tom Bassam are back together for a quick hit on the latest sports industry news.

On the slate for this week's show are the new National Basketball Association (NBA) season and the English Football League's (EFL) plans to end the UK's Saturday 3pm soccer blackout with its next domestic rights deal.

Talking points:
  • Three big themes for the new NBA season (01:25)
  • The NBA's new app (03:20)
  • Can the NBA get US$75 billion for its next US rights deal? (06:56)
  • Does the expanded NBA playoff format add value (10:40)
  • What is the EFL is planning for its next domestic rights deal (12:40)
  • How could you make iFollow revenue distribution fairer? (16:45)
  • The other new ideas in the EFL RFP (20:36)
  • Is this an opportunity to reset the EFL's finances (22:06)