Just Let Me Do My Thing

Episode 131,  Oct 24, 2022, 07:01 PM

The Chitshow Podcast #131 - "Just Let Me Do My Thing"

We are back again with episode 131! Listen in as we talk about Hurricane Roslyn (9:31), Kanye West at it again (11:41), Madonna reflects on SEX book (23:22), Clown College: Nury Martinez & Kevin De Leon (28:44), Humanity Restored: Young Ukrainians party and clean-up (34:39), Danny talks Abbot Elementary (39:52), Leo's quick She-Hulk finale talk (41:50), Dragonball Z by Disney (56:56), Danny talks Something Is Killing The Children (1:02:27), Danny beats FFXIV (1:05:18), day 1 of WWWY Fest canceled (1:08:03), and more! We also talk/feature (1:15:51) music from Disclosure, Miramar, Kool G Rap, Galo, P0gman, Deadmau5/Kaskade, Willow, YG, Tove Lo, and Ivy Lab. Our intro/outro music is "Hy-Vee" by Thes One.

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