10 Biggest Mistakes Regarding Clear Aligners Mechanic - Sisters Aligners

Oct 24, 2022, 08:11 PM

The Sisters Emerald In-person Course is the largest meeting of Orthodontists who want to master Orthodontics with Aligners through a clear and objective course and method, made by 2 Orthodontists who are like you: They also have real office and real patients.

Dr. Marina Lara and Dr. Luciana Lara are Orthodontists and sisters, they were born in the interior of São Paulo and today they live in opposite extremes in Brazil, but that didn't stop them from staying connected and that's why they became absolute references in aligners in Brazil and in the world.

The Sisters Emerald Method for Orthodontists is made for you who want to have more results in your office: clinical and managerial results, knowing how to manage each simple, moderate or complex orthodontic case.