Living Life On The Spectrum With Chloe Hatch

Season 2, Episode 12,   Oct 26, 2022, 11:00 PM

Many of us can remember being at school with disruptive classmates who were labelled the “naughty” kids. All the struggling, troubled and argumentative kids were put in the same box and shipped off to detention...Often. But now we know better.

Now we know that there is such a thing as an autism spectrum.

We now know that those “troubled kids” were not rude or argumentative on purpose, they were simply misunderstood.

We are so pleased that Chloe Hatch, who featured on Australia’s “Love On The Spectrum” has chosen to be an expert on Inspo supporting, guiding and advising those who are struggling with their own autism journey. 

We are equally delighted that Chloe decided to sit down with us, to open up her world, to share her experience and to educate us so that we can help those who are on the spectrum. 

Chloe is a very inspiring individual and it’s worth noting that during this recording we had a few tech issues with the sound but we wanted to share this episode anyway. We have also provided the transcript to make sure that you don’t miss out on the incredible insight that Chloe has to offer.

So, turn off distractions, turn up the volume and let’s learn all about living life on the spectrum. 

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