The Unsolved Redhead Murders

Season 1, Episode 1,   Mar 10, 2018, 12:00 AM

With numerous female victims, this series of murders remains an unsolved murder mystery. This introduction episode will tell you a little about the Redhead Murders, which was investigated by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) initially thirty years ago.

In 1985, the body of Lisa Ann Jarvis was found on an Interstate 40 entrance ramp in West Memphis, Arkansas. Also known as Lisa Ann Nichols and Lisa Ann Fuller, she had a long criminal record of prostitution, shoplifting, larceny, robbery, and drugs. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation included Jarvis's body on a list of those under investigation as possibly part of serial killings.

On Sunday, September 16, 1984, a hitchhiker discovered her body among the trash. Sergeant Raymond Buchana, a Metro Vice squad officer, said, her rap sheet stretches from the ceiling to the floor three times. Authorities were not sure if one person was responsible for the killings or how many victims there might be, but Jarvis's identification as one of the eight redhead murder victims seemed to be consistent with what they thought in the beginning.

The police officer remarked that she had the second-largest prostitution record in the city of Nashville, and that she had a drug habit worse than his car has a gasoline habit. This language dehumanizes Lisa and makes it seem like she deserved to die because of her lifestyle.

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