The Cadaver Synod

Episode 20,   Apr 12, 2021, 05:00 PM

World history is filled with strange occurrences, from deadly fashion trends to wars fought on baseless grounds. However, none are as weird as the Cadaver Synod, which saw the decaying corpse of a pope being screamed at for hours on end by one of his successors during a bizarre posthumous trial.  The Cadaver Synod continues to haunt the Catholic Church, mainly due to the fact that it took place at a time when the papacy was subject to political intrigue, controversy, and murder. Indeed, even the site where it happened prefers to scrub it from history, with not even a monument to mark the macabre event.  In this episode of Hometown Histories, we’ll take you through the Cadaver Synod, an incident that the Catholic Church would rather forget.  

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