Losing Over 200lbs and gaining over 12million likes on TikTok with Dustin Brown

Season 2, Episode 13,   Nov 02, 2022, 11:00 PM

When we first came across Dustin on TikTok we were absolutely blown away at how he had managed to not only lose 200lbs but how he had managed to powerfully and vulnerably share his journey with others. 

We saw the cries for help in the comments, we saw the questions behind his success and we just knew that we wanted Dustin on Inspo and we are so glad that he agreed.

It was through this interview with Dustin that we began to understand the difficulties in Dustin’s life that led to his weight gain, the real behind-the-scenes challenges that he faced and the inspiration that kept him going.

If you are looking for a story of inspiration from one individual who is on a mission to help others to become everything that they want to be then settle down, turn off the distractions and turn up the sound.

Let’s go… 

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