She's A Braverman Than You, with guest James Barr

Episode 23,   Nov 04, 2022, 11:07 AM

Suella Braverman on what matters, Eshaan Akbar on Twitter, and former MP and I'm A Celeb contestant Michael La Vache on Matt Hancock, PLUS James Barr from A Gay And A Non-Gay plays "Is It Gay?".

NonCensored is a weekly round up of Harriet Langley-Swindon's very popular, very real daily radio show, completely non-Censored (but with all of the rubbish edited out).

This week Harriet and Producer Martin are joined by current and former Home Secretary, and Britain's Best Lawyer, Suella Braverman, who explains why she quit, why she came back, and why the media aren't asking the real questions that actually matter. We also have Senior Technology Correspondent - or, Technologenius - Eshaan Akbar for a Hot & Spicy TECHaway Of The Week about Twitter, and former MP and I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here Michael La Vache offers his view on Matt Hancock going into the jungle.

There's also an extended interview with podcaster, comedian and broadcaster James Barr, who explains why he talks about being gay, talks about the forthcoming World Cup in Qatar, and plays a little game of Is It Gay? - the answers may surprise you!

Michael La Vache's book, It's Not Easy Being Cancelled, It's Actually Very Difficult: My Life On the Outskirts Of Woke Society - The Michael La Vache Story (OR: Sass Mouth) is available from all good car boot sales, and Amazon Marketplace.

Thanks to Rosie Holt (@RosieIsAHolt), Brendan Murphy (@NotMurphy), Eshaan Akbar (@EshaanAkbar), Athena Kugblenu (@athenakugblenu), Rob Gilroy (@robgilroy), James Barr (@ImJamesBarr) and Ed Morrish.

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