From Business Ideas To Making It Happen With Ali Clarke of Bondi Blades

Season 2, Episode 14,   Nov 09, 2022, 11:00 PM

How many times do you hear a family member, friend or neighbour tell you that they have a “great business idea?” Often, right?

Ideas are a plenty but execution is scarce which is why we are so excited to have Ali Clarke of Bondi Blades agree to feature on Inspo. Ali is the founder of Bondi Blades - Australia’s first derma razors that are vegan and eco-friendly. Not only that Ali is also fast becoming a TikTok sensation and is using this social media platform to rapidly grow her business.

My conversation with Ali will fire you up, will inspire you to dream big and will show you that anything and everything is possible if you put your mind to it, so… let’s go!

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