Walter Schreifels Sings The Hits with Jayson Green and Damian

Nov 13, 2022, 03:32 AM

Splits Vol 7:
For the first time in four years, Walter is back! What better way to celebrate Walter Schreifels' fourth appearance on the show than by inviting Jayson Green to join the party?! Listen in as Damian sits down with the two returning guests to discuss: calling Ian MacKaye about producing "Start Today", NY with David Blaine / Harmony Korine or Vegas with Chris Angel / Jonathan Davis, staying with Poly Styrene, dodging GG Allin's poop banana in Hated and so much more!!!

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Also, check out Walter on tour with Gorilla Biscuits and Youth Of Today now and next year!

Also, check out Jayson Green's awesome 24 hour Video podcast! 

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