EXCLUSIVE: Starmer Apologises For "Beheading Protestors", with guest Marina Purkiss

Episode 26,   Nov 25, 2022, 10:37 AM

Sir Keir Starmer kisses Tories, Suella Braverman watches White Chicks and Jordan Petersen worships Elon Musk PLUS an extended interview with journalist and host of The Trawl Marina Purkiss.

NonCensored is a weekly round up of Harriet Langley-Swindon's very popular, very real daily radio show, completely non-Censored (but with all of the rubbish edited out).

This week Harriet and Producer Martin are joined again by Sir Keir Starmer to talk about being politician of the year and kissing Tories; by the world's greatest lawyer Suella Braverman, who explains the best legal way to move to Britain (no spoilers, but it involves the 2004 film White Chicks; and by Dr. Professor Jordan B. Petersen, author of the best-selling book Twelve Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter. to talk about why Elon Musk is the best man who ever lived.

There's also an extended interview with journalist and host of news podcast The Trawl Marina Purkiss, who talks about why she gets booked for Jeremy Vine despite having the wrong opinions, and how much you can trust "opinion" "polls". You can hear The Trawl at https://podfollow.com/the-trawl-podcast

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