Roisin Kiberd

Season 4, Episode 7,   Nov 29, 2022, 07:00 AM

This week’s guest on Be Grand is the author and journalist Roisin Kiberd. Roisin is the author of the incredible book The Disconnect : A Personal Journey Through The Internet which is a wonderfully honest, funny and brave book dealing with mental health, dating, energy drinks and of course, the internet. 

Roisin joins Andy to chat about The Disconnect including how putting a spotlight on your problems can allow you to move on, struggles with sleep and how no matter how bad things get there is always hope. 

Plus Roisin chats jam, how being curious lead to a love of horror movies and joins Andy is a trip down memory to discuss his favourite topic..Antics Indie Nightclub. 

Also this being Be Grand means Roisin chats all things school including the amazing true fact about her Junior Cert, fitting in at Cambridge and being the badass that she is Roisin takes on the latin leaving cert paper. 

JJ72 Sunt Refrigerant…that’s latin for “JJ72 are cool” apparently