How One Miss Universe Ireland Became A Mental Health Champion with Nadia Sayers

Season 2, Episode 17,   Nov 30, 2022, 11:00 PM

Like many young people in their twenties heading off to University Nadia Sayers had little awareness about the importance of mental health. Whilst at University Nadia hit a dark place of depression, struggled with an eating disorder and in her own words “didn’t want to exist any more.”

Thankfully Nadia had an incredible group of friends and family around her who physically picked her up and took her back to her family home to recover. 

With a desire to push herself out of her comfort zone Nadia entered a beauty pageant. As part of the pageant participants were required to commit their time to positively benefitting the world and found herself working with a mental health charity for young people. 

After meeting young people who were struggling with their mental health, and seeing these individuals face their biggest fears, a passion was ignited within Nadia to dedicate her life to working in this sector. 

Despite not winning the beauty pageant Nadia persevered and ultimately became Miss Universe Ireland 2020. Nadia is now involved in an impressive charity that works with young people teaching them the importance of mental health and helping those who are struggling all through the power of comic books. 

Nadia’s mental health challenge is sadly common to many. However, it was what Nadia chose to do with her life as a result of her challenges that is outstanding. Nadia’s dedication to educate young people on the topic of mental health and provide  them access to information that relates to them, in the way that she never had, is nothing short of remarkable. 

We are so grateful that Nadia has agreed to feature on Inspo and share her experience both as a beauty pageant participant and model but also provide positive advice to those who are seeking information on mental health particularly related to young people. 

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