As Many Fresh Starts As It Takes

Episode 22,  Dec 05, 2022, 12:00 AM

Well, this week's episode might feel like it has nothing to do with pursuing an acting career... but in that way that there is no acting without the actor, it has everything to do with it!

As I make (yet another) move to a new home this weekend, it feels only right to open up about my long-standing wrestle with depression - something which has been very prevalent in the time I have spent in the home I am leaving - and my subsequent love of new starts. Plus, hear my tribute to my album of the year: 'This Is What I Mean' by Stormzy. It has all at once personally shattered and creatively inspired me beyond measure.

In Making Our Way this week I am addressing a question from the In The Room (coaching) Instagram Q+A about being seen regularly by the same casting director, because I feel this question actually speaks to a wider trap that I myself am guilty of falling into - creating problems where they don't exist...

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