Dirtee Murfee

Episode 11,  Dec 07, 2022, 06:01 PM

Welcome to the first of a very special series of conversations with the artists featured in our ‘Women to Watch’ group exhibition at Reem Gallery Soho. Opening with a private view on the 6th of December, it is showing until Christmas Eve and features work by 16 artists. The first artist that I spoke to, and that you will hear from in this episode, is Cerys Murphy aka Dirtee Murfee. 

Dirtee Murfee is an East London-based artist whose career was launched in lockdown after she created poignant and political street art pieces on the streets of Dublin. She is outspoken about issues affecting young women, and it was a protest piece about the lack of laws regarding revenge porn in Ireland that put her firmly in the public eye. Her works are a combination of abstract backgrounds inspired by the walls covered in peeling paste-ups that her work originated on, and text pieces, sometimes moving into the genre of prose or poetry. After a sell-out solo show at the Laz Emporium in London, Dirtee Murfee has continued to amuse, encourage and rally others with her works.

TW: Severe mental illness, suicide, abortion and medical trauma