Taking Away Lord Vader's Peerage, with guest David Baddiel

Episode 28,   Dec 09, 2022, 01:01 PM

This week: The House of Lords, Harry and Meghan, and David Baddiel patiently explaining maths and football.

NonCensored is a weekly round up of Harriet Langley-Swindon's very popular, very real daily radio show, completely non-Censored (but with all of the rubbish edited out).

This week Harriet and Producer Martin debate the future of the House of Lords with Leader of the Opposition Sir Kim Starmer and Baroness Mone, a very successful businesswoman who is taking a wee break from the Lords for totally normal reasons. We also have Eshaan Akbar to explain why Harry and Meghan's Netflix documentary is so boring.

There's also an extended interview with comedian, author and broadcaster David Baddiel, who talks about why "Jews Don't Count" and White Men Can't Jump, as well as teaching Harriet a few words of Yiddish.

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