12/20/2022 Wake Up Call Hour 2

Episode 2916,  Dec 20, 2022, 06:42 PM

The Good The Bad The Dumb...#Messi has another record to his name, this time via #Instagram; greed is not always a good thing, just ask the man who caught #AaronJudge's 62nd home run ball #RepBX; why are #LakeShow fans surprised, let alone upset that #AnthonyDavis is hurt yet again
Never see celebrities mingling with the commoners at an NFL game like you do at #NBA or #MLB games, only in the luxury suites
Guest: Simply the best in covering the #Jaguars, the Associated Press' own Mark Long joins the showgram to talk on this team's surge to the top, being in the playoff hunt and how #TrevorLawrence has changed many minds to whether or not he is an #NFL quarterback. #DUUUVAL