12/22/2022 The Rundown Hour 1

Episode 386,   Dec 22, 2022, 06:38 PM

Jeff starts off the show advising the dangers #WinterStormElliott could bring to your area, so take care of all you need to take cover so you won't be caught out in it...which leads to a full preview of #TNF between the #Jaguars and #Jets - a pivotal game in both team's season that will be hampered by storms; plus how the #RyanTannehill era with the Titans may be over
Guest: friend of the show and film producer of #Superspreader, Michael Mauldin joins the show to share with the world that he has come around and now likes soccer after tuning in to that epic #WorldCup Final; plus his thoughts/concerns on his #DallasCowboys