Anthony Weiner Sexting Scandal, Russian Oligarch Wives, Studio 54 Death

Episode 44,  Jan 09, 12:00 PM

Congressman gets caught sexting...and goes to jail. Previous owner of Studio 54 opts to do assisted suicide. A Turkish millionaire is suspected of murder for hire. Russian Oligarch Wives are speaking out on the strange world of Putin's moneymen.

Anthony Weiner is a former member of Congress that was involved in a number of sex scandals; one resulting in a jail sentence. Mark Fleischman, former Studio 54 Owner, died by assisted suicide at the age of 82. Studio 54 was a former disco nightclub that was infamous for its exclusive celebrity guest lists, over the top events and rampant drug use. Turkish biotech entrepreneur hired a hitman to kill a father of 7 because he was going to report him for fraud. Paramount+ "Secrets of the Oligarch Wives" features the women partners of the men who put President Vladimir Putin in charge. However, this world of power and privilege has a dark side- of murder, suspicious deaths and life on the run. The boyfriend of a Ladies of London Alumni may have also been caught up in this web of Russian money- did Scot Young cross the wrong people?

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