New Year, New Us

Episode 273,  Jan 05, 01:00 AM

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Happy New Year! Cody and Noel celebrate by recapping their recent holidays (including a story about raw dogging), using Chat GPT to write Cody’s wedding vows and reviewing some movies they have seen recently. 

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0:00 New Noel
2:50 Live Mas
3:55 merch reveal
5:02 Goin’ raw
6:55 Eating Puzzle Pieces
7:20 New Years Recap
8:48 DP DJ
9:57 The VIP Theater
10:30 Noel is SO Thirsty ( & rich)
11:34 BetterHelp
12:50 Avatar
18:10 Fantasy Animal Murder
18:50 Glass Onion
21:55 Battle Royale
25:06 Hello Fresh
27:03 Alice in Boderland
28:35 Noel’s Starcraft Chronicles & Dj Cody
32:55 Reverse Eating
33:50 Making Crossants
36:20 ZocDoc
37:40 Pastry Moan
39:16 Cookin Chicken
40:35 Series Spoiler
42:22 Promoting Upcoming (and fake) Podcasts
43:10 Chat GBT
46:25 Shroom Script
49:05 Targeted Ads
50:40 Friday Beers
53:37 New Gear
55:40 The Big Tour
59:09 The Last Episode