Energy with Prof. Hannah Daly

Episode 22,   Jan 19, 05:00 AM

We perhaps take our energy systems for granted a little but it permeates everything we do. Join us as we hear from Hannah Daly, Professor in Sustainable Energy and Energy Systems Modelling at University College Cork

Hannah shares some of her wealth of knowledge on a wide range of topics, with insights on our energy systems, renewable energy and their benefits, what we need to deploy high scale offshore wind,  fossil fuels, the energy crises, why our household energy bills are so high - and some quick measures to help, links to the houses crises, blackout risk, data centres, energy targets, district heating, sustainable transport, the Climate Action Plan, what solutions we should enable and her vision for a post-fossil fuel society. 

We also hear some of Hannah’s personal story of trying to live sustainably in her rural home with her young family.

Twitter: @HannahEDaly
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Books recommended – Eoghan Dalton’s ‘An Irish Atlantic Rainforest’ and George Monbiot’s ‘Regenesis’.