Kansas City - The Kansas City Demon

Season 3, Episode 1,  Jan 09, 12:00 PM

S3E1: The Kansas City Demon

The Kansas City Demon (or Kansas City Winged Demon) has been sighted roughly 4 times in Kansas City, Missouri, and it is described as being rather tall and having the face of a “ugly man” and a 12-foot wingspan, with the wings on this enormous creature being described as leathery, like that of a bat.

Could this creature be real? Perhaps it's a case of mistaken animal identity, or maybe it's related to another neighboring cryptid of a similar description...

Podcast Announcement: You'll notice this season is being released differently than the previous two, which released all at once. A recent poll on the Eerie Places Instagram showed that more listeners prefer episodes to be released spaced out. Some of you run through it all in a day and have to wait a while for more, but don't worry! Eerie Places has some "Roadtrip Minisodes" that will be released in-between seasons, coming up soon! For now, the episodes of this season will be released one-a-day for the next ten days.

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