Encore. Who Betrayed Anne Frank?

Jan 31, 01:00 PM

Anne Frank's betrayer identified. Is Darlene Routier guilty? Can a 13-year-old be sent to prison for life based on one fingerprinted?

January 27th was the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. More and more information are being exposed each year. Not only from the Germans' meticulous record keeping but also the efforts of modern historians to uncover the secrets of other major players in the tragedy. 

A retired FBI agent thinks he has identified who may have betrayed the Frank family - ultimately only the father survived the concentration camps. Further discussion on true crime cold cases can't forget and those that may have a shadow of doubt- Darlene Routier, the boy under the house and Angela Bumpass- a 13-year-old who was convicted based on a fingerprint.

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