Tough love for Dak, Luka chirps and what’s up at the Dallas Zoo?

Feb 01, 11:00 AM

SportsDay Insiders Kevin Sherrington, Evan Grant and David Moore discuss [7:09] the overhaul of the Cowboys’ offensive staff and what it means for quarterback Dak Prescott. Evan says the fortunes of Dak and Mike McCarthy are now intertwined. Kevin says that if Dak has another year like the last one, chances are neither will be back in 2024. Evan tells us [29:10] that Corey Seager has never looked happier as a Ranger, using an elephant metaphor in the process and prompting Kevin to ask if Seager’s behind all the shenanigans out at the Dallas Zoo. The guys seem eager to get to the bottom of the mystery. [40:42] David describes an NBA culture in which it’s OK for an opposing coach to chirp at an opposing superstar, even if it results in Luka Doncic going off for 53 points. David and Kevin discuss the limited options for the Mavs before the trade deadline and what that portends for their playoff hopes as well as Luka’s contentment.