Episode 63,  Feb 03, 09:43 PM

Bad Speakers Podcast is back with another comically ignorant episode with Ya Boi Shad and G. Downs with street corespondent Twockupp. In this episode they talked about the tragic passing of Tyre Nichols by the Memphis Police department. They also talked about kids needing discipline from their parents more in this generation especially coming off the backs of the situation with the female student fighting her teacher. Following that they talked about wether or not its ok to tell your significant other about their flaws and when is the right moment. They also spoke on 21 being named complex's best rappers alive. They also spoke on the NFL and the Eagles and the Chiefs headed to the super bowl and the recent losses of the bengals and the 49ers. They also spoke on the NBA and the All Star game selections and wether or not Nikola Jokic should win the NBA MVP for a Third straight season. And finally they spoke on The United States wanting to ban TIKTOK in the US.