Mom Alternative #5 | Moldy food, first bath event & vasectomy

Episode 5,  Feb 08, 12:00 AM

If your husband prepares food but it's moldy, how should you react? Are first baths a communal event that everyone in the family should attend? How not to react when your husband is in pain after a medical procedure. Fighting your 17 year old stepdaughter is not a good look. Plus managing names within a family and figuring out if a maternity shoot is right for you

0:00 Husband served her moldy food while pregnant
7:00 MIL feels entitled to baby's first bath
17:27 Making fun of vasectomy pain?
30:27 Bringing a baby into a messy household?
47:34 Identical names within families, when is it okay?
53:49 Her case against maternity shoots

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