Mom Alternative #18 | Can boundaries destroy families?

Episode 18,   Feb 22, 07:00 PM

How to manage the devastating experience of finding out that your husband likely cheated on you at a strip club. Managing disagreements with your husband about the right amount of religious teaching to force on your children. Punishing a mother-in-law for daring to cut your child's hair. It's frustrating when husbands behave like teenagers (or children), but what if he has a good reason for it? How to identify if you're being reasonable by getting upset about something or if you're too sensitive. And, finally, when does installing a security system go too far?

0:00 Husband betrays pregnant wife: Spent thousands at a strip club? 
12:43 Overbearing in-laws pushing their religion 
28:59 Mother-in-law gave my toddler a haircut without permission 
37:46 Struggling veteran husband doesn't help with baby 
50:36 How to wisely pick your battles as a wife 
1:02:38 Insecure woman needs reassurance about home security

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