Ep. 30 Steven Dragun of Emilio Lustau

Feb 21, 10:30 AM

Steven Dragun is the national brand ambassador for Emilio Lustau, a Sherry-making house founded in 1896.

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Some sherries are sweet like port but ~95% of what is produced is dry. The style that caught Steven's attention was the driest, Fino. If you're looking for a sherry to begin with, he suggests Amontillado
Yeast, referred to as "Flor", is used in the production of all wine. In biologically-aged sherries, this yeast is left in for years as the sherry ages, thus removing a greater amount of the wine's sugar, accounting for its striking dryness.
Like Champagne, Sherry can only come from a designated region in southern Spain (The Consejo Regulador).
Only 3 grape varietals are permitted for making Sherry: Palomino Fino, Moscatel, and Pedro Jiménez.
Are you looking for a place to start with Sherry in cocktails? 
  • Use Fino or Manzanilla in a sour like a daiquiri in place of the rum or cut out half and substitute it in. 
  • Try a Manhattan-style cocktail with Amontillado, Palo Cortado, or Oloroso in substitution for the vermouth. 
Did I mention Lustau also makes vermouth?! They're fantastic!!
I referenced Talia Baiocchi's book, Sherry.