Mom Alternative #19 | Overbearing in-laws or weak husbands?

Episode 19,   Feb 23, 07:00 PM

The idea of grandparents having a right to their grandchildren, and how to navigate that. Dealing with an unempathetic husband who thinks women exaggerate during birth. In-laws who make jokes in bad taste. How to respond to a husband who's just against breastfeeding. Identifying an overbearing stepmom. And, finally, ending a relationship via text and what that says about you.

0:00 Do grandparents have a right to their grandchildren?
15:37 Husband mocks the pain of childbirth
32:14 Mother-in-law playfully threatens to kidnap our child
39:26 Husband sneaks formula to a breastfed baby
49:37 Woman freaks out over stepmom misspeaking
54:34 Is it ever ok to break up over text?

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