Mom Alternative #20 | The foundation of marriage is impulse control and negotiation

Episode 20,   Feb 24, 07:00 PM

Impulse control and negotiation in a series of stories. A husband with a drinking problem who meets up with escorts when they fight. A wife who has a crush on another married man for years. Dealing with a mother-in-law obsessed with naming her unborn grandchild random names. Having different hygiene standards in a marriage and how to navigate that. How to negotiate childcare with a traditional husband. And, finally, dealing with an overbearing mother-in-law who wants to keep a lock of hair from her grandchild's first haircut.

0:00 She refuses to divorce the cheating, lying dirtbag
16:39 Emotionally cheating wife can't move on
32:25 Mother-in-law makes up names for her unborn child
40:10 Husband has gross hygiene
47:57 A mother desperate for an hour off, husband refusesĀ 
1:01:54 Mother-in-law wants to keep my baby's teeth

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