The Most Evil Woman in Australia - Anne Hamilton Byrne & 'The Family' Cult

Episode 34,   Feb 26, 03:18 PM

When I stumbled across a photograph of a mysterious woman on the internet, I was both attracted and disturbed. I had an immediate sense that this beautiful woman had a strange frightening quality.

As I dug deeper, I realised my instincts were right.

Tonight on Frightful we explore the disturbing story of Anne Hamilton Byrne, a cult leader who systematically stole children to create loving community for herself called ‘The Family.' She forced the kids to wear matching tracksuits and bleaching their hair blonde makes for an eerie sight…but this was the least of her horrors.

Brace yourself for tonight’s Frightful, which may be upsetting to some listeners due to references to child cruelty. Yet the story is a fascinating exploration of one of the few female cult leaders.

Meet Anne Hamilton Byrne…better known as ‘The Most Evil Woman in Australia’.

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