Episode 78: The African Samurai, Yasuke

Feb 27, 09:00 AM

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Yasuke was a remarkable figure in Japanese history, an African man who rose to become a samurai in the late 16th century. Originally from Mozambique, Yasuke was brought to Japan by a Jesuit missionary named Alessandro Valignano, but his talents and strength caught the attention of the powerful warlord Oda Nobunaga. Nobunaga was so impressed with Yasuke that he made him a retainer and samurai. Yasuke's life was full of intrigue and adventure, including battles, political machinations, and ultimately his mysterious disappearance from the historical record. His story offers a fascinating glimpse into a little-known chapter of Japanese history, and raises questions about race, identity, and power in feudal Japan.

Listen now to hear his full story!
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