Would you SACRIFICE for a happy marriage? | #22

Episode 22,   Mar 01, 07:51 PM

Permanent birth control should be a personal decision. Is it fair to expect your husband to get a vasectomy? Marriage gets a bad rap these days, is it worth changing your mind? A short compilation of great husbands and what wives appreciate about them. Freaking out because a mother-in-law takes her grandchild to Disneyland and stays out far too late. And, finally, some of the hilarious and awkward statements people say to pregnant women.

0:00 AITA for expecting husband to get a vasectomy?
15:48 What's the point of marriage?
28:46 Great husbands look like this
35:40 MIL takes baby to Disneyland...
44:55 Funny (or offensive) comments to pregnant women

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