When moms overreact: Are these MIL troubles the end of the world? | #23

Episode 23,   Mar 01, 07:52 PM

Sometimes, mothers-in-law get so excited about the prospect of a grandchild that they take it overboard and buy too much. A mother-in-law oversteps and cuts her grandchild's hair. Another one thinks she's playing with her granddaughter and goes too far. A wife who's struggling to find the spark in her marriage again and has a hard time communicating. And, finally, breastfeeding can be stressful, especially when the newborn struggles. A husband whose anxiety about his wife's breastfeeding is going too far.

0:00 Intro
0:42 Mother-in-law has more baby things at home than mom
10:14 MIL cuts grandson's hair
24:36 Mother disgusted by mother-in-law's hygiene
34:17 Young married couple struggling
43:01 Husband anxious about breastfeeding

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