The cost of SELFISHNESS | 4 Relationship Stories | #24

Episode 24,   Mar 01, 07:54 PM

Some amount of jealousy might be normal but if you're feeling jealous of your husband's sister, you're probably taking it too far. Mothers and fathers play different roles when parenting a child. That's most obvious in the case of crying and emotional regulation. Is it possible to find a good way to split rent and bills with your partner without feeling as if all unpaid labor is unappreciated? And, finally, what to do if your toddler prefers spending time with your mother-in-law.

0:00 Intro
0:53 Is it selfish to be jealous of husband's sister?
12:49 Can mothers raise stoic boys?
24:19 Hilarious rent splitting habits that drive couples mad
33:22 Toddler prefers her mother-in-law

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