Dads have the SAME rights! Don't they? | 4 Parenting Stories | #25

Episode 25,   Mar 02, 07:00 PM

Pregnancy and childbirth obviously impact women so much more than men. Does that mean that fathers shouldn't get a say? Circumcision is one of the first major parenting decisions people make. What if you make the wrong one? A paediatrician suggests that an exclusively breastfeeding mother should cut down on how often she's feeding her baby. And, finally, a husband who spends all day (and night) playing video games, despite having a newborn.

0:00 Intro
0:58 Do fathers have rights?
13:28 Irreversible parenting decisions: How to move on
24:28 Mother risks starving baby on doctor's advice
32:36 Expecting a husband to change after baby

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