S08.E08: Frasier Crane, Heal Thyself

Mar 13, 09:00 AM

Younger and older actors playing the same role and Frajier is here too. And I ought to know, I'm Frajier.

Scramble your eggs and toss your salads for another week here on The Great American Pop Culture Quiz Show! Three returning contestants from seasons and specials past face off in challenges about young and old portrayals of the same character in round one, before seeing how well they can remember who played Frasier Crane's love interests across the run of the series (with a NEAR special guests appearance on the show from one of the actresses in a question!). Will season one champion Ilan continue his streak? Will season one returner (and genuine TV star) Sarah Baker advance to the next round? Or will our newest librarian friend Kendal (from our bookish special) turn the page to victory?


⚠️ Inline notes below may be truncated due to podcast feed character limits. Full notes are always on the episode page.

👵🏻 Lynnie Greene was not only the young Dorothy Zbornak, but was also in the original cast of Assassins.

👨‍⚕️ A Young Doctor's Notebook ran for eight episodes over two seasons, which is a lot for a British show.

👽 Josh Brolin is eerily similar to a young Tommy Lee Jones in Men in Black III.

🦈 The Last Shark Scorebreak. The Last Shark: it’s like Jaws, but Italian, with a windsurfing regatta! And Vic Morrow! [6/10: Mamma Mia!]

🎄 Rita Wilson has opinions about Jingle All the Way. So much so that she likes Mixed Nuts better.

💪 Sela Ward wasn’t well known yet when she played the dead wife in The Fugitive.

👩‍👩‍👦‍👦 The family in The Fosters that fosters children is called the Fosters.

🧠 Jean Smart’s character on Frasier went by both Lorna Lynley and Lana Gardner. They changed the name to avoid referencing a real person named Lorna Lynley.

🍖 The Green Eggs and Ham Netflix show involved spies and evil organizations, because of course it does. Season Two is mostly an adaptation of The Butter Battle Book.

🧟‍♀️ The Tomb of Horrors scorebreak. The Tomb of Horrors: no, Mr. Bard, I expect you to die. [7/10: Niche content, but I’m here for it.]

🎭 The other Edmond Rostand play you might have heard of is 1900’s L’Aiglon.

🌶️ There’s a lot of people on the cover of Sgt Pepper.

🪦 WC Fields actually has a very simply headstone, with no references to Philadelphia.

🦑 You can hear Ilan on his podcast Squideye and The Bitter Guy.

🐦 Kendal is on Twitter

▶️ Sarah is on The Kominsky Method on Netflix

🎞️ Sarah's profile on IMdB

📷 Sarah on Instagram