Arriale Starbird - Clearing Dark Force Attachments

Mar 04, 03:00 PM

“I set boundaries for the spirits in this building. I told them to leave my son alone and if they needed something to come to me. It helped and more spirits would come to me. I would see them or get little whispers.” - Marie Hurley, Administrative Assistant, Phaneuf Funeral Homes & Crematorium

Arriale explains what a dark force attachment is and why it is necessary to clear that energy/entity, also, why it might require outside intervention.

Shamanic abilities are useful in identifying and cleansing dark force attachments. Most importantly - dark force attachments are acknowledged as a real and separate adversarial entity. The person is not the originator or causing this - rather, the individual is the target.

Arriale Starbird has an extensive Bio - this is the key element that drew me to her: "Arriale studied Shamanic Energy Medicine with John Livingston, M.A. for 9 years."

John (now deceased) is the author of, Adversaries Walk Among Us: The History, Nature, And Removal Of Possessing Demons And Spirits. Amazon.
My dream indicated the person I was looking for was deceased. I needed to find a student who studied with him. Arriale studied with John and offers Psychic Self Defense Training. We covered that last time. Previous interview - Link.

In my personal experience clearing a dark force energy attachment, negative paranormal activity was an indicator. Clearing the entity required outside assistance (A friend). It was a methodical process, but one impressive highlight and a visible confirmation of the adversarial presence, was when it held the door shut and required intense pressure to push it open and clear the spirit.

In perfect timing with this topic, I discovered a very unique example - of what someone who deals with a dark force attachment might experience. Not saying he is in that situation - simply pointing out that what he demonstrates - the back and forth - and relentless attack on self-esteem and self worth - is exactly how it feels when one is in the presence of a dark force attachment. Ren delivers this scenario in the song Hi Ren. Note the flashing lights.

Dark force attachments are just as real as their light force counterparts. An intuitive, sensitive, psychic and/or shaman can sense them.

Arriale Starbird. Website

I also link the interesting things that happened in conjunction with this topic on my blog. Talking to Nightlights.

FYI - If and when you have a ghost encounter - Forgo the 'experts who claim it as fantasy' - and ask help from another experiencer.

“I set boundaries and always tell spirits I am fine with living among them, but don’t look at us naked (lol), and don’t ask me to do anything. Maybe I’m a weirdo but it’s been part of my life,” Marie concluded. Source 

I agree with Marie. The spirits and entities I have encountered - with few exceptions - honor boundaries.

The content in this show is offered as information. Please seek help if the information resonates.