Don't let them MANIPULATE you | 5 Stories | #29

Episode 29,   Mar 08, 07:00 PM

Manipulation comes in many forms. It could be your doctor pressuring you to get a medical procedure that you don't need. Or your mother controlling every aspect of your life. It could come from a woman desperate to manage everyone else's decisions, even minor ones like whether they lock their phones or not. It could come from a boss who keeps volunteering you for work that you don't want. Or it could be just the knee-jerk inability to control your emotions in the middle of an argument with your spouse. 

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⏰ Timestamps:
0:00 Intro
0:34 Doctors pushing c-sections
9:47 Extremely controlling grandmother dictates family life
19:11 Can I make her lock her phone?
24:02 Working mom FED UP with her needy boss
29:00 Couple's screaming argument 

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