MASSACHUSETTS - The Boston Marathon Bombing (Pt. 1)

Season 2, Episode 107,   Mar 10, 11:55 AM

Every year, the citizens of Boston, Massachusetts all get together to celebrate Patriot’s day. It was on the 15th of April when 26,839 runners all made their way to Hopkinton, Massachusetts, for the start of the 117th annual Boston Marathon. It truly is the happiest day of the year in the city. But on this day, in 2013, while everyone’s eyes are towards the finish line, no one notices the two unassuming young men walking through the crowd with backpacks on. No one knew that the most festive day of the city would turn into an agonizing chaos that was full of screams, flesh, and blood. This is part one of the story of the Boston Marathon Bombings, and you’re listening to Murder in America. 


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