"I Knew Something Was Badly Wrong When They Censored The Scientists"

Mar 13, 12:01 AM

David Davis has been a Conservative Member of Parliament since 1987. He joined the Government in 1990 and served in both the Cabinet Office and the Foreign Office, where he was responsible for government negotiations on Europe, NATO enlargement, the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty and the updated Geneva Convention. He went on to serve as Conservative Party Chairman, then Shadow Deputy Prime Minister. David was Shadow Home Secretary from 2003 until he announced his resignation in 2008, forcing a by-election to raise awareness of New Labour’s relentless erosion of civil liberties. Following the EU Referendum in which he campaigned to leave, David was appointed Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union. Since leaving Government in 2018, David has campaigned on issues including Brexit, educational reform, tax fairness, social mobility matters and civil liberties.

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00:00 Intro 
02:03 David's Life Before Politics 
09:07 Why David Became a Conservative 
15:25 Does the Parliamentary Conservative Party Value Freedom?
17:57 Sponsor Message: Manscaped
19:20 Why Did So Many People Support the Government During Covid?
28:31 Is the Conservative Party Still Actually Conservative?
37:59 The Unwillingness of Current Leaders to Make Unpopular Decisions
46:49 Predicting the Next General Election
51:46 How Would Thatcher Have Handled the Ukraine Situation?
59:32 Are We in a Second Cold War?
1:01:39 Updates on the Brexit Situation
1:07:34 What’s the One Thing We’re Not Talking About?