E3: From Gold Medallist to Entrepreneur: The business of winning, with Natalie Cook OAM OLY

Episode 3,   Mar 14, 08:00 PM

Meet Natalie Cook OAM OLY, Olympic gold medallist, entrepreneur and board member for the 2032 Brisbane Olympic and Paralympic Games.  
There are numerous crossovers between sport and business, and in this chat, we cover off almost every single one. After her retirement following the London Games in 2012, Nat pivoted to public speaking and business, sharing the insights she gained throughout her illustrious career to transform businesses. 
Show highlights: 
  • How Nat funded and competed at the highest level of professional sport for over 18 years  
  • Why being an athlete is a huge benefit for working with businesses  
  • The sporting pillars of leadership, teamwork, coachability and accountability and why they are crucial for business  
  • How on earth you plan for the globes biggest sporting spectacle, the Olympics and Paralympics 

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