Our Silicon Bank Run (ft Zach Piona, Wahlid Mohammad and Killy)

Episode 283,  Mar 16, 12:00 AM

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Foul Tip’s Zach and Wahlid beam up to discuss NASCAR drama, Aaron Rodgers’ conspiracies and Tom Brady’s budding standup career. Plus, their opinions on the branzino date, what really happened with the Silicon Bank and Killy stops by to say hi. 

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0:00 Last Night Was a Bank Robbery
2:08 Intro
3:11 Noel’s New Shirt
4:38 Boys are Balding
6:09 Chlorine Pubes
7:26 More Diving Content!
9:13 Runner’s Knees
10:35 Conzuri
13:41 Pube Patch
18:54 Branzino Girl
23:28 Hello Fresh
25:14 Family Style Branzino
28:04 It’s New York City…
30:01 Chilli’s Date Night 
30:35 What’s Good, Killy?
33:27 Wahlid’s Bit Voice
35:55 Wahlid’s Joker Era
37:09 Zach’s Wakandan Accent?
38:55 Other Accents
40:27 Zach’s Running
41:05 Poppin’ Kids
42:03 Daycare Chaos
45:28 Bounce House Fridays
48:15 F1 & NASCAR Drama
50:50 GOATED Sponsored NASCAR Car
52:22 Aaron Rodgers’ Conspiracies
57:19 Debunking The Moon Landing
58:15 Buzz Aldren’s New Wife
59:49 Tom Brady’s Stand Up
1:02:25 RRR vs 80 for Brady
1:03:42 Tom at Open Mic
1:04:28 Shmunguss’s Revenge