Cocaine Turtle - Troyalty Podcast 50

Episode 50,   Mar 18, 10:00 AM

It's St. Patrick's week so in Troyalty Tradition Matt explains the history of the Irish holiday and I share a pic of me groping Molly Malone.

A family we discussed found our clip and reached out to us, so we respond on the show.

Matt did some rapping a couple weeks back but now he's got competition in the form of a real Jackass.  

Chat GPT is in the news so we start by having it write a song about our hometown and the show's namesake, Troy NY.  We then ask it to craft a theme song for our humble show and it does.  The song is all business.

Quentin Tarantino may be starting work on his final film which got us talking about our favorite QT flicks and how characters from his films might fare against characters from his other films.  Only one of us was stoned.

Matt and I look at some of the dangers that face podcasters like ourselves, but continue the show despite the obvious threats to our safety.

We look at a sexy new party game, discuss potential sequels to "Cocaine Bear" and then jump into this week's subway updates with Matt.

I tell Matt about falling asleep at Trans-Siberian Orchestra and being bored at Mumford & Sons before he shares his nugget and we wrap up the show!

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